At Natalie Andrews Physiotherapy Clinic we legally have to hold some of your personal information. For example, we need to hold your contact details for appointment purposes and we also need to store your clinical notes on the premises as a basic requirement of our clinical professional standards. Assessment notes will likely contain sensitive and confidential personal information such as your medical history and details of previous and current treatment episodes.

The Clinic will never pass any of your contact details to a third party and under no circumstances pass on any of your clinical records unless you have given your expressed written consent in cases where medical reports are required as part of your treatment. If you have been referred to us by a medical practitioner, then a discharge letter is often sent on completion of treatment.

You have every right to see the information we hold on you and any records pertaining to your treatment if you officially request to do so via a ‘subject access request’. Natalie Andrews Physiotherapy will always be happy to assist you in any request in this regard with no detriment to your ongoing treatment at the clinic.  We can also confirm that your data will not be used for any automated profiling purposes.

You also have the right to have to have your personal data deleted on request and to withdraw treatment consent. Withdrawal of treatment consent would result in termination of your treatment episode.  We are also legally required to retain notes pertaining to treatment episodes.

Clinical notes no longer in use are securely archived and are destroyed safely after seven years in line with the legal requirement for holding patients notes. We are however required to retain records for a longer period when the patient is a child, which is until there 25th Birthday.  All our clinical records are stored securely on the premises and are unavailable to anyone except authorised clinicians. Personal contact details are used solely for appointment purposes and are stored securely on a cloud-based computerised diary system.

If you have any concerns regarding how we handle your data you are entitled to complain directly to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).  If you have any queries regarding how we store your data or any other issues regarding data protection at the clinic, then please ask to speak to Natalie Andrews who is the registered data controller and clinic director.

Thank You.