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Who can receive physiotherapy ?

Anybody can receive benefit from physiotherapy.  Whatever your symptoms, the treatment will be individually tailored to your needs, to help you maintain optimum function.


Do I need a GP referral ?

No you do not need a GP referral, you can book an appointment independently.  The therapist will ask for your consent to contact the GP if they feel that this is required.


Do you accept private medical insurance clients ?

Yes we do although every insurance provider has different criteria, and so it is best to check your policy before making an appointment.   Normally they require you to have seen a GP first.  It is also worth confirming the amount of excess on your policy and if there is a limit to the amount that you can claim.


What should I expect on the first visit ?

The initial assessment will involve a thorough assessment of your symptoms.  Using their clinical reasoning skills, the therapist will diagnose the cause of your symptoms.  An appropriate treatment plan will then be given to enable you to gain optimum function.


What should I wear ?

The therapist will need to look at the problematic area, shorts and a vest top are advisable.


How often is treatment required ?

This will be dependent on the findings at the initial assessment.  If treatment is required the therapist will tailor that rehabilitation programme to your needs and inform you of the approximate amount of sessions required.


Are all staff qualified ?

All practising physiotherapists should be registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Health Professions Council.  


How long is a treatment session ?  

We allow approximately 30 minutes for an appointment